• Maximum cost-saving solutions • Uncompromised workmanship • Guaranteed Turn-Around Times • Fixed repair prices • Outstanding customer support and work order care

AEROSPACE MECHANICS CORP. (AMC) is committed to becoming your preferred Component and Landing Gear MRO provider.

MRO expertise includes diagnostics, functional testing, repair and overhaul of components and line replaceable units (LRU’s) from the following systems:

  • Hydraulics
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Water & Waste
  • Power
  • Controls & Actuation

Serviced component types:
… Actuators, Valves, Electric motors, Gearboxes, PCU’s, PDU’s, Pumps, Accumulators, Servo valves, Fan assemblies, Hyd. Reservoirs, Autopilots, Switches…

Whether you need repair for a single part or service for a large MRO project, AEROSPACE MECHANICS are dedicated to providing uncompromised quality, consistent reliability and unmatched cost-saving solutions ON-TIME.

We meet your planning and project requirements for any scheduled and unscheduled work.

Through our comprehensive data management system, technology, and specialized know-how expertise, AEROSPACE MECHANICS CORP. (AMC) has developed sophisticated reliability and cost-saving programs to service and overhaul your Landing Gear assets on time as required.

Each Gear MRO service is well-documented and all applicable tasks including cleaning, material stripping, fits and clearances, grinding, machining, surface finishing, painting, NDT/Etch inspection and final assembly are carried out meticulously to the highest possible technical standards.

AEROSPACE MECHANICS CORP. (AMC) offers lease/loan/exchange options to minimize aircraft downtime. We guarantee full support in logistics and shipping to ensure efficient gear project completion and On-Time delivery locally or around the globe.