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Aerospace Mechanics is a Canadian-owned and operated company specializing in landing gears and aircraft components repair and overhaul for Embraer and ATR aircraft, including DHC8 and CRJ-200/700, since 2018.

Our Services

Aerospace Mechanics is a comprehensive provider focusing on component maintenance, overhaul, conversions, and technical solutions.

Landing Gears

Aerospace Mechanics is a Canadian provider of landing gear, air cycle machines, and pneumatic & hydraulic aircraft component repair and overhaul for commercial & regional aircraft. MRO is carried out through Transport Canada and EASA-approved repair station certificates.


Aerospace Mechanics provides in-house component maintenance solutions for a wide range of part numbers for aircraft systems, including but not limited to landing gears, hydraulic power systems, electrical components and harnesses for commercial and regional aircraft.

Tech Support

– Technical investigations of malfunctions and defects, and issuance of technical reports.
– Evaluation of required Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives, with the ability to support their incorporation.
– Development and implementation of OEM approved landing gear repair design (RD)
– Implementation of Design Repair Approval (DER) for Electrical Harnesses

Logistic Solution -

Logistic Solution

Our logistics specialists closely work with the major shipping players such as (FedEx, DHL, and UPS). They are here for you to help speed up the shipping process and ensure a smooth and prompt transition through customs (including custom-fitted crates for aircraft parts).

About Our Company

Aerospace Mechanics Corp (AMC) is the TCCA and EASA-approved Landing Gear MRO.AMC is a Canadian-owned and operated company specializing in the component repair & overhaul support for Embraer and ATR aircraft, including DHC8 and CRJ-200/700, since 2018.

Client Testimonials

“Aerospace Mechanics has been the benchmark for the finest MRO in the EU and Americas. We want to thank you for being part of EFTEC success over the years as our strategic partner for the regional aviation market in the region”
“Thank you so much to you and your team for all your efforts and for the quality of such a complex repair. This is an excellent example for us to use with our lessors”
“Aerospace Mechanics comes across as the best maintenance partner worldwide on our fleet regarding responsiveness, ability to take on challenges, and quality of service delivery”